Membership Information


Specific requirements for membership are contained in the National By-laws.

CVMA Membership comes in three forms:

Full Member (FM): If you are a combat veteran who is serving, or who has served, in the United States Armed Forces and ride a motorcycle you could be eligible for membership with the CVMA.

If you were active duty, reserve, or National Guard and you deployed to a combat theater of operations, you are a qualified applicant. You must own, operate, and carry current insurance on a motorcycle of 30.50 cubic inches (500cc) or above. Veterans, active duty, reserve, and National Guard personnel must be prepared to show proof of combat military service or deployment, on official DOD stationary or forms by:

Veterans: DD214

Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard:

• Documentation by name.

• Orders (no codes, in English)

• Army: ORB/ERB (2-1)

• Navy/Marine Corps: Page 4

• Air Force: Award Data Record Page

• Coast Guard: PDR Award Page

Auxiliary (AUX): Must be the spouse, widow, or widower of a FM and prepared to show proof by Marriage License and/or Death Certificate.

Support Member (SUP): Must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Must be sponsored by a FM and complete needed riding criteria as set forth in the By-laws, and provide documentation of service. Support membership has specific limitations.

In order to join, you must complete a Membership Application and if qualified for membership, you will be required to complete a Patch Agreement. These documents can be emailed to you by the appropriate Chapter Commander or Executive Officer. All applicants must read and understand the National By-Laws and National Protocols. These are the guidelines under which the CVMA operates.  Email questions to a Chapter or State Officer.

National Bylaws

Chapter 15-5 Bylaws

cvma 15-5 bylaws

CVMA Protocols


To obtain more information on membership, navigate to the Leadership page, click on the Commander or Executive Officer’s email and send them an email with your contact information wishing to join 15-5.

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